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The Privakey CX Auth Service must be bootstrapped and configured before it can be used.

Generate Admin Credentials

  1. From project root / utils run node cred-gen.js to generate admin
    credentials. The output should resemble:
    Generating new admin credentials...
    Credential generated successfully!
    User Name: <generated username>
    Password: <generated password>
    Use this credential to authenticate to the credential
    Note the generated username and password. You will
    use these to authenticate to the Admin Portal.

Start the ephemeral Admin Service and generate Communication Server credentials

  1. From project root / utils run node credential-manager.js
  2. Open a browser and go to the address displayed on the command line.
  3. Use the credentials generated above to authenticate to the Admin Portal
  4. Under the heading Communication Server, click the "Update Credentials Button", then the "Generate Credentials" link, copy the generated key, and click te "Save" button.
  5. Set the COMM_SERVER_KEY environment variable to the generated key (See Deployment )

Add your first App Space and Request Origin

Request origins (services that can interact with the Privakey CX server) need to be configured from within the Admin Service

  1. In the App Spaces / IDPs section, click "Create New App Space"
  2. Enter a descriptive name for the App Space in the name field
  3. Select simple as your Identity Provider Type (If you are using OpenID Connect, see Administration for configuration details)
  4. Click "Save" and you will be taken to the App Space page
  5. Click "View / Manage all Request Origins"
  6. Click "Create New"
  7. Enter a descriptive name for the Request Origin in the name field
  8. Select your Credential Type (HMAC by default)
  9. Click "Create Request Origin"
  10. In the Overview section, make note of the User Id, as you will need this to authenticate to the Privakey CX Server
  11. In the Credential updated section, click the "Show Secret" button and copy the secret, as you will need this to authenticate to the Privakey CX server

Start the server

The server is now configured and ready to be started.

Simply run npm start from project root


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