Privakey is comprised of a NodeJS application stack (that includes an Auth Service and an Admin Portal) and mobile applications. The Mobile applications can be custom applications based off of Privakey's iOS and Android Mobile Libraries or the Privakey App (available of iOS or Android).

The Privakey IDS is available via subscription to our SaaS offering or can be licensed and deployed in one's own data center. When accessed as SaaS offering one simply needs to confifure Request Origins and interact with the Privakey IDS API.

If deployed in one's own Data Center, the Privakey CX auth service requires a database and a configurable notification service (Firebase notifications are used by default).

Existing systems (which we refer to as Request Origins) interact with Privakey by accessing the secure Privakey IDS API. Privakey's Central Exchange (CX) server handles request processing and verification.

The component architecture is depicted in Figure 2: Privakey Component Architecture.

Component Architecture

Figure 2: Privakey Component Architecture