What is Privakey CX?

An overview of Privakey

Privakey CX is an interactive framework that enables a secure digital communications channel between services and their users. It improves the customer experience and security of digital interactions by combining user authentication and transactional authorization into one simple exchange - it is a user experience we call Transaction Intent Verification.

Services use Privakey to send users actionable Requests — a new form of secure engagement within mobile apps. Requests include traditional identity assertions, confirmations of intent and any type of message that may require a response. Challenges can be as simple as a Yes/No response from a user, to as rich as digitally approving actionable contract terms.


Figure 1: Example Privakey Challenge

Privakey works by turning users’ mobile phones into cryptographically-based, secure user identifiers. Customers using Privakey-enabled apps simply respond to challenges delivered to their phones with a message body that can contain any type of interactive digital content such as HTML, PDFs and forms. See Figure 1 for an example of a Privakey Challenge.