Outline of Implementation tasks

Privakey CX is designed to interact with your existing services (Request Origins), Communication Services (i.e. Firebase), and Privakey enabled mobile apps.


Scope of Work

While some work must be done in all elements of the stack in order to deliver rich, contextual messages to your users, we have endeavored to make the implementation straight forward.

1. Deploy and configure the Privakey Auth Service.Privakey CX Service
2. Deploy Mobile Apps that are Privakey enabledAndroid Library
iOS Library

White Label Mobile Applications
3. Bootstrap Privakey CXBootstrap Wizard
4. Update Request Origins to interact with Privakey CX.Configuration Tutorial


Continual work in progress

We are always trying to improve Privakey CX's documentation and are continuously tweaking and improving these pages. If you want help at any point in the process, or have improvement suggestions, please reach out to [email protected].